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The EuroGEOSS Broker - How to use it?


Please note that the EuroGEOSS broker has been recently upgraded from version 7.0 to major version 7.1.

As a consequence, former GI-Go clients (prior to version 7.1) are no longer compatible.

Please make sure you run the last version of the GI-Go client before you access the EuroGEOSS broker.

You can access the EuroGEOSS broker at . This URL gives useful information on the broker’s status, its version, supported interfaces and a shortlist of connected services… This URL is only the access point to the search services exposed by the broker. This URL is therefore fully operational when used through a search client application.

EuroGEOSS teams usually use either the GI-Go client or the GeoNetwork client to request the EuroGEOSS Broker. You can use GI-Go, and install it from . You will be prompted to follow the instructions for installation. You will then need to use the « EuroGEOSS configuration file ». Once installed, this client application will allow you to search the EuroGEOSS thematic web services with criteria on location, temporal extension and keywords.