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 INSPIRE 2010 & EuroGEOSS conference


EuroGEOSS Is organizing the international track of the INSPIRE 2010 Conference in Krakow Poland, June 23-25, 2010 (read more). The initial work of the EuroGEOSS project is to improve interoperability of European information systems in biodiversity, drought and forestry. In the track “INSPIRE and the Global Dimension”  EuroGEOSS will highlight the advancement and challenges in these three domains through presentations by internationally recognized experts. The program also features presentations by project leaders in each of the major technical areas. This includes developments in advanced information systems for cross-domain interoperability and analyses of societal impacts and benefits of improved information for decision making.


These issues are not only the focus of EuroGEOSS, but also of other major research projects, the findings of which are included in the track.


Looking to the future, EuroGEOSS will examine applications of the pan-European systems to issues in Africa and across the globe. A panel will address applications in Africa.  The agenda is provided below. For additional information, please contact Dr. Jay Pearlman (



 Conference programme



INSPIRE in the Global Dimension, organized by EuroGEOSS project

Integration of European Information Systems for Drought, Biodiversity, and Forestry, June 23 - 25, 2010

  Wednesday June 23, 2010
SESSION 1: Opening and context for Global Dimension Stream – Chair Francis Bertrand (Room Aula Mala)
Time Topic Speaker 
 14:00 Welcome and opening Max Caglia, Jay Pearlman
 14:30 INSPIRE and GMES Services Hans Dufourmont
 14:50 GEOSS Perspectives * Alan Edwards
 15:30 Afternoon Break  
 16:00 What is exportable about INSPIRE How to contribute to a global management of GI  Mauro Salvemini
 16:30 EuroGEOSS – a demonstration Program *  Max Craglia
 17:00 Open discussion  
 17:30 Adjourn Day 1  
  Thursday June 24, 2010
   SESSION 2: INSPIRE plenary on Global Dimensions – Chair Jay Pearlman (Room Aula Duza)  
 9:00 SDI in support of Capacity Building *  Gavin Adlington
 9:25 A strategy for Spatial Data Infrastructure  Suha Ulgen
 9:50 2010 the Year of Biodiversity *  Bob Scholes
 10:15 INSPIRE and the Global Dimension *  Max Craglia
 10:40 Morning Break  
   SESSION 3: Global perspectives on selected thematic areas - Chair Stefano Nativi (Room Aula Mala)  
 11:00 Global Perspective on Drought *  Mark Svoboda
 11:30 Global Approach on Forestry *  Roman Michalak
 12:00 Achieving interoperability of spatial data  Clemens Portele
 12:30 Lunch Break  
  SESSION 4: EuroGEOSS contribution to the Global Earth Observation System of Systems – Chair Max Craglia (Room Aula Mala)  
 14:00 Multi-disciplinary Interoperability: the EuroGEOSS Operating Capacities *  Stefano Nativi
 14:20 EuroGEOSS for Biodiversity – New Approaches to Monitoring and Forecasting at the Global Scale *  Stephen Peedell
 14:40 Drought *  Stefan Niemeyer
 15:00 EuroGEOSS Forestry Operating Capacity – status and outcomes *  Gerimantas Gaigalas
 15:40 Afternoon Break  
  SESSION 5: European Research Projects for GEOSS – Chair Stephen Peedell (Room Aula Mala)  
 16:10 Panel - Adapting EuroGEOSS to African Applications : Bob Scholes; Emmanuel Amamoo-Otchere, Tesfaye Korme  Jay Pearlman (Chair)
 17:00 EnviroGRID  Anthony Lehmann
 17:20 Oceans Apart? – has INSPIRE brokered cooperation in the oceanographic community?  Keiran Millard
 17:40 Adjourn Day 2  
  Friday June 25, 2010  
  SESSION 6: European Research Projects for GEOSS – Chair Stefan Niemayer (Room Aula Mala)  


EuroGEOSS internal meeting  
 10.30 Morning Break  
 11:00 AEGOS  Agnès Tellez-Arenas
 11:20 EO2HEAVEN – earth observation and environmental modelling for the mitigation of health risks  Jose Lorenzo
 11:40 GS Soil – progress of the transnational cooperation in building up a SDI for European soil data  Katarina Feiden
 12.00 EU DEM – the new EU-DEM for the initial GMES service for geospatial reference data access  Andreas Keim
 12:40 Lunch Break  
  SESSION 7: European Research Projects for GEOSS – Chair Max Craglia, Francis Bertrand, Jay Pearlman (Room Aula Mala)  
 14:00 Modernizing Aeronautical Information management using INSPIRE services  Debbie Wilson
 14:20 Geo Land2 SDI – A spatial data infrastructure component of the GMES land monitoring core service  Erwin Goor
 14:40 Discussion and Way Forward  Max Craglia, Francis Bertrand, Jay Pearlman
 16:00 INSPIRE Conference Wrap-up (Plenary – Room Aula Duza)  
 16:20 Report and recommendations, the global dimension stream  Max Craglia