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 EuroGEOSS conference 2012: "Advancing the vision for GEOSS"

  EuroGEOSS is hosting a conference on information systems and multi-disciplinary applications of science and technology.    "EuroGEOSS: advancing the vision of GEOSS". 

EuroGEOSS organised its second workshop/conference in Madrid, Spain from Jan 24-27, 2012. Conference flyer downloadable here. 

Conference presentations soon available.

The initial work of the EuroGEOSS project is to improve interoperability of European information systems in biodiversity, drought and forestry.

The challenge for addressing issues such as climate change, food security or ecosystem sustainability is that they require multi-disciplinary collaboration and the ability to integrate information across scientific domains.

EuroGEOSS demonstrates the added value to the scientific community and to society of making existing systems and applications interoperable and useful within the GEOSS and INSPIRE frameworks.

EuroGEOSS – advancing the vision of GEOSS Conference provides a forum for developers, users and decision-makers working with advanced multi-disciplinary information systems to improve science and decisions for complex societal issues. 


Areas of interest for the Conference are:

  • Information systems for supporting multi-disciplinary research
  • Data quality and provenance across disciplines
  • Information systems and modeling for biodiversity, drought, forestry and related societal benefit areas
  • Case studies of multi-disciplinary applications and outcomes
  • Impacts and analyses of societal benefits of earth observation information

These issues are not only the focus of EuroGEOSS, but also of other major research projects. 

A Call for Participation in the EuroGEOSS Conference is extended for presentations and papers on research and development progress from both information systems developers and user applications/case studies. To encourage a global vision from this workshop, international participation is solicited from developed and developing countries.



 Conference programme

EuroGEOSS 2012 Conference

 "Advancing the vision of GEOSS" , organized by EuroGEOSS project


Advances in cross-domain interoperability – now and beyond - Jan 24 - 27, 2012, Madrid, Spain

The EuroGEOSS Conference 2012 Proceedings are available here .


Wednesday January 25, 2012 – Salón de Actos
Time Topic Presentation Video Speaker
Session 1: Opening and Context – Chair Jean-Jacques Serrano
9:00 Welcome and Opening     Max Craglia (JRC), Jay Pearlman (IEEE), Sebastián Más (CNIG), Eduardo Manzano (CCHS)
9:10 GEO for Spain Presentation Video José Antonio Fernández (GEO Principal)
9:40 Advancing the vision of GEOSS: What next? Presentation Video Alan Edwards (European Commission)
10:20 Geospatial Data Access: Trends in Innovation Presentation Video Ivan DeLoatch (USGS/FGDC, US)
Session 2: Multidisciplinary Interoperability – Chair Stefano Nativi
11:30 Towards Multidisciplinary Interoperability Presentation Video Max Craglia et al.
11:50 Increasing Access To EO Data Via the CEOS WGISS Integrated Catalog (CWIC) Presentation Video Doug Nebert et al.
12:10 Cross-Domain Interoperability: Practical Application of Standards Presentation Video Wim Hugo
12:30 Alternative Search Mechanism for Web 2.0 Resources Presentation Video Laura Diaz et al.
12:50 Harmonising Geospatial Thesauri:
Groundwork for Semantics-Aware Interoperability
Presentation Video Cristiano Fugazza
13:10 Questions and Discussion
13:30 Lunch
Session 3: Applications in Drought and Forest - Chair Laura Díaz
15:00 Web-based Forest Monitoring Tools Using OGC Services Presentation Video Daniel Mcinerney et al.
15:20 Integrating the FAO Global Forest Resources Assessment for Multi-Scale Forest Monitoring Presentation Video Erik Lindquist et al.
15:40 Multi-Disciplinary Forest Fire Danger Assessment in Europe: The Potential to Integrate Long-Term Multi-Scale Drought Information Presentation Video Barbara Hofer et al.
16:00 Analysing the Impact of a Specialized Drought Vocabulary for Discovering Resources in EuroGEOSS Presentation Video Miguel Latre et al.
16:20 Assessment of Multi-Scale Drought Datasets for Multi-Disciplinary Applications Presentation Video Sergio Vicente-Serrano et al.
16:40 Questions and Discussion
Session 4: Multidisciplinary Interoperability Continued – Chair José Miguel Rubio
17:20 A Web-based Approach to the Orchestration of Geospatial Workflows Presentation Video Jorge De Jesus et al.
17:40 Habitats Architecture Bringing SDI and GEOSS Infrastructure to the Citizen Presentation Video Karel Charvat et al.
18:00 Towards Environmental Process
Sharing for GEOSS
Presentation Video Lorenzino Vaccari et al.
18:20 Czechglobe – A New Infrastructure for Interdisciplinary Research Link
Video Frantisek Zemek et al.
18:40 Questions and Discussion
19:00 Day 1 Sessions Adjourned
19:30 EuroGEOSS Advisory Board Meeting
21:00 Advisory Board Dinner
Thursday January 26, 2012 – Salón de Actos
Time Topic Presentation Video Speaker
Session 5: Day 2 Keynotes – Chair Joaquin Huerta
9:00 Introduction to Day 2
9:00 Sharing the 3rd rock from the sun: practical experiences in deploying interoperable global services in the geosciences Presentation Video Ian Jackson (One Geology, UK)
9:40 Keynote 4 Presentation Video Gilberto Camara (INPE Brazil)
10:20 Sharing is everything Presentation Video Jacqueline McGlade (EEA)
Session 6: Water And Ocean – Chair Rene Garello
11:30 Development of an E-Infrastructure System of Systems and Its Pilot Implementation for the Marine Ecosystem Dynamics and Indicators for North Africa. Presentation Video Gonzalo Malvarez et al.
11:50 EAMNet – the European Africa Marine Earth Observation Network Presentation Video Jorge de Jesus
12:10 A Spatial Data Infrastructure for the Mediterranean to Support Implementation of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive Presentation Video S. Cinnirella et al.
12:30 SeaDataNet – Pan-European Infrastructure for Ocean and Marine Data Management Presentation Video Dick Schaap
12:50 Questions and Discussion
13:15 Lunch
Session 7: Water And Ocean – Chair Jay Pearlman
14:50 GLOWASIS – A Collaborative Project Aimed at Pre-Validation of a GMES Global Water Scarcity Information Service Presentation Video Rogier Westerhoff
15:10 A Global Drought Information System Presentation Video Douglas Cripe
15.50 Questions and Discussion
Session 8: Benefits Of GEO/GEOSS – Chair Francoise Pearlman
16:30 Impact of Global Earth Observation – Systemic View Across Societal Benefit Areas Presentation Video Felicjan Rydzak et al.
16:50 A Meta-Analysis on the Return on Investment of Spatial Data Infrastructures and Global Earth Observation System Of Systems: A Multi-Country Perspective Presentation Video Natalie Trapp et al.
17:10 Assessing Benefits and Obstacles of Using and Contributing to EuroGEOSS and to GEOSS: a Survey Approach Presentation Video Christine Heumesser et al.
17:30 The Value of Reducing Uncertainties in Global Land Cover for Assessing Climate Change Mitigation Options Presentation Video Sabine Fuss et al.
17:50 HLANDATA: Building added value services for the benefit of end users Presentation Video Maria Cabello et al.
18:10 Questions and Discussion
18:30 Adjourn For January 26, 2012
18:35 GEO Spain meeting
20:30 Informal Dinner
Friday January 27, 2012 – Salón de Actos
Time Topic Presentation Video Speaker
Session 9: System Of Systems – Chair François Robida
9:00 Perspective from Google Link
Video Ed Parsons (GOOGLE)
9:20 Evolutions in Online GIS Presentation Video Michael Gould (ESRI)
9:40 ENVISION – Environmental Services Infrastructure with Ontologies Presentation Video Alejandro Llaves
10:00 Earth Server: Scalable On-demand Processing fort he Earth Sciences Presentation Video Peter Baumann
10:20 Questions And Discussions
Session 10: Data Quality And Biodiversity - Chair Javier Nogueras
11:20 GEOSS Quality Framework and Quality Information Encoding Presentation Video Joan Masó
11:40 Analysis of the Quality Metadata in GEOSS Clearinghouse Presentation Video Paula Díaz
12:00 The Global Biodiversity Information Facility: Enabling a Global Biodiversity Informatics Infrastructure for GEOSS Presentation Video Éamonn Ó Tuama
12:20 Monitoring and Forecasting Services for Biodiversity, the case of the Digital Observatory for Protected Areas (DOPA) Presentation Video Michael Schulz
12:40 Questions and Discussion
13:15 Lunch
Session 11: Biodiversity Continued - Chair Joan Masó
14:30 Interoperability and Interdisciplinarity Issues in Biodiversity Preservation and Exploitation of Mineral Resources Presentation Video Mesfin Gebremichael et al.
14:50 Managing Agricultural Systems for Biodiversity Conservation Presentation Video Javier Sanz Cañada et al.
15:10 A revealed preference econometric analysis of land use choice in Andalusia Presentation Video Jose L. Oviedo et al.
15:30 Africa at Meso-Scale: Adaptative and Integrated Tools and Strategies on Natural Resources Management Presentation Video Gregory Giuliani et al.
15.50 Questions and Discussion
Session 12: Wrap-up – Chair Max Craglia
16:30 Discussion and Way Forward
17:00 Adjourn Conference

 EuroGEOSS Conference 2012