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 The EuroGEOSS Brokering Platform

The EuroGEOSS Brokering Platform provides the EuroGEOSS Capacity with multidisciplinary interoperability functionalities. This platform was developed applying several of the principles/requirements that characterize the System of Systems (SoS) approach and the Internet of Services (IoS) philosophy.



Technical details about the brokering approach and its implementation in the EuroGEOSS framework can be found in the project Deliverables. 

Discovery Broker

The EuroGEOSS Discovery Broker is the cornerstone of the brokering platform. This component is able to read and mediate among the many standards and specifications used by different scientific communities. By building bridges among the practices of these communities, the broker makes it possible to search, and discover the resources available from heterogeneous sources.


Access Broker

Applying the same principles and technology, recently, a broker to facilitate multi-disciplinary data access was introduced and is part of the EuroGEOSS Brokering platform. The EuroGEOSS Access Broker makes it possible for users to access and use the datasets resulting from their queries which are returned to them based on a common grid environment they have, previously, specified by selecting the following common features: Coordinate Reference System (CRS), spatial resolution, spatial extent (e.g. subset), data encoding format.



Semantic Discovery Broker

When developing multidisciplinary infrastructures, an important challenge is semantic interoperability. To address this, EuroGEOSS, in collaboration with FP7 GENESIS project (, prototyped a Semantic Discovery Broker which harnesses the Discovery Broker capacity. It implements a “third-party discovery augmentation approach”: enhancing discovery capabilities of infrastructures by developing new components that leverage on existing systems and resources to automatically enrich available geospatial resource description with semantic meta-information. In fact, the EuroGEOSS DAC is able to use existing discovery (e.g. catalogs and discovery brokers) and semantic services (e.g. controlled vocabularies, ontologies, and gazetteers) in order to provide users with semantics enabled query capabilities – contributing to bridge a gap which is important for multidisciplinary infrastructures.



Brokered GCI        

Recently, the EuroGEOSS Brokering Platform was introduced into the GEOSS Common Infrastructure (GCI). The new Brokered GCI was demonstrated at the GEO Plenary in Istanbul (November 2011).