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 About the EuroGEOSS Broker

The EuroGEOSS project adopted a Brokering Approach to implement multi-disciplinary interoperability and lower entry barriers for both Users and Data Providers.

According to such an approach, Users and Data Providers are not asked to implement any specific interoperability technology but to continue using their tools and publishing their resources according their standards -as much as possible.

In keeping with the Brokering Approach, EuroGEOSS has developed a Brokering framework (i.e. a set of Brokers) to bind the heterogeneous resources published by the Data Providers, adapting them to the tools commonly utilized by the Users.

EuroGEOSS developed a Broker for each main interoperability functionality, namely: Discovery Broker, Access Broker, Semantic Broker. Actually, the EuroGEOSS Broker is a Brokering framework (see the following Figure).



The EuroGEOSS Brokering framework can be accessed here:


The EuroGEOSS Brokering framework is empowered by the GI-cat technology .