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EuroGEOSS Conferences


Capacity Building and Dissemination

  • Learn more about GEO and EuroGEOSS:  - 35 ko



  • Raise awareness of EuroGEOSS solutions and best practices
  • Support outreach to the broad technical community
  • Establish collaboration with other programs in the EuroGEOSS domaine areas
  • Focus on developing countries (especially in Africa); create opportunities for expanding to a global information base
  • Provide capacity building informational material
  • See chart from November 09 GEO Plenary

 GEOSS conferences and workshops

Conferences and workshops  

  •  See schedule and information 2011
  • See schedule and information 2010:   - 32 ko

 Web sites to explore

  • GEOSS related:   -     -   
  • Other FP7 research projects:   - 44 ko

 Contact: Jay Pearlman (IEEE)


 The EuroGEOSS Project "Forest" Video


 The EuroGEOSS Project "Biodiversity" Video


 The EuroGEOSS Project "Drought" Video


 The EuroGEOSS Project "Benefits" Video




EuroGEOSS Conferences

  • EuroGEOSS has organised a track in the INSPIRE conference: - 30 ko 
  • 25-27 Jan 2012– Conference will be in Madrid (Spain). More details and on 
  • Seminars – one hour interactive web based seminars now available from this page.

On-line tutorials are available here to answer you most frequently asked questions (description sheet   - 30 ko )

Since July 2010 the EuroGEOSS Forum is open to your questions 

Articles in Web magazines

  • , on-line publication for the earth observing community. Read more 
  • , on-line international journal of spatial data infrastructure research. Read more 

J-STARS special issues – peer reviewed journal on Selected Topics in Applied earth observation and Remote Sensing. Read more

 Web Seminars

A series of lectures on developments in Earth Observation sponsored by The European Commission-funded EuroGEOSS project.

  • Web Seminar #1 "The Earth’s Environment, Observations and Benefits"
    Web presentation on advances in environmental information and its impacts on our lives, both locally and globally : Approaches and results on societal impacts of improved information for decision-makers.
    by Steffen Fritz, Sabine Fuss, Ian McCallum, from IIASA - Austria
    > View online
  • Web Seminar #2 "Multi-disciplinary interoperability: a Brokerage Approach"
    by Stefano Nativi & Mattia Santoro, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Italy.
    > View online
  • Web Seminar #3 "Multi-Scale Forest Information Needs Supported By Web-Based Geo-Information Systems"
    by Jesus San-Miguel & Daniel McInerney, Forest Action Dpt at the Institute of Environment and Sustainability of the JRC. Read more.
    > View online
  • Web Seminar #4 "Setting up web services for biodiversity: the case of the Digital Observatory for Protected Areas (DOPA)”

    by Gregoire Dubois and Michael Schulz - European Commission Joint Research Centre, Ispra, Italy.

     > View online
  • Web Seminar #5 “Assessing the capability of multi-scale drought datasets to quantify drought severity and to identify drought impacts”

    by Sergio M. Vincente-Serrano, Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), Campus de Aula Dei, Zaragoza, Spain.
    > View online