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Development, implementation, monitoring and further improvement of environmental policies depend crucially on the availability of robust data on the state of the environment, pressures, impacts and responses. Forest data becomes essential to other themes like climate change, energy, biodiversity, deforestation and land management; and therefore contributes to the development of other cross - sectoral policies as well as serves for various analysis, models, and scenarios related to environment. However, information on forests is often scattered and difficult to access and use due to the lack of inter-connection between the systems and data structure established at the local, regional and global levels. 

On the regional level the European Forest Data Center (EFDAC) hosted by the Joint Research Center (JRC) of the European Commission is being developed using at the moment up to 40 datasets and services related to forest fires, forest condition, forest spatial patterns, forest maps, forest resources and indicators, tree species distribution as well as various tools and application designed to access, use and manage available data. On global scale there are many forest resource monitoring data derived from FAO, national services as well as other projects and initiatives. In addition various forest information systems rich of forest data exist on national level. Therefore, there is demand for improvement of existing systems through the development of interoperable web service capable of exchanging a large variety of data coming from different sources.

  In the framework of the EuroGEOSS project, the project partners of Work Package 3 will work on extending the capabilities of local, regional and global forest datasets and services into a global distributed database of forestry information, coupled with model servers that can provide vital forestry analysis tools to the GEOSS community.  
The development will be based on the existing local (about 40 services and datasets from Spain are being considered for testing), regional (the prototypes of the European Forest Data Centre - EFDAC and the Observatory for Central African Forests - OFAC) and global (Forest Resource Monitoring data from FAO, global dataset of JRC’s project –TREES, etc.) systems.

The result will allow the end-users through the interoperable web service to select the forest related data from different sources (global, regional, national) and use them to compute the various models and analysis.

Contact : José I. Barredo (European Commission - DG Joint Research Center, Institute for Environment and Sustainability-Forest Action )


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