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The EuroGEOSS Broker - What is it?

  One of the EuroGEOSS contributions to GEOSS is to provide a unique access point to federate services provided by the three thematics covered by the project, e.g. Biodiversity, Forest and Drought.  

This access point, namely the EuroGEOSS Broker, is the cornerstone of the EuroGEOSS architecture. It is located between the user and the set of datasets and services providers.

The EuroGEOSS Broker is able to interface with the existing webservices in the three thematics, whatever the interoperability standards used within. In technical terms, the broker takes a request from a user as an entry, translates and dispatches it between the referenced services. In return, it merges and displays the results from the services.

 What does it contain?

Contributions made by EuroGEOSS partners in the domains of Forest, Biodiversity and Drought are summarized in the table below (updated on 20 Apr. 2010).  The detailed list of registered services is available here.










 4 services
(38 datasets)







 1 service

 1 GBIF-service



2 services
(102 datasets)

6 services
(161 datasets)

3 services
(40 datasets)




2 services






CSW - « Catalogue Service for the Web »
Service used to request metadata catalogues of datasets and services.

WMS - « Web Map Service »
Service used to download geospatial information in a raster format. WMS are mainly view services.

WFS - « Web Feature Service »
Service delivering raw geospatial data (under GML). WFS are mainly downloading services.

WFS used to deliver gazetteer service (producing Bounding Box from toponyms).

Specific query interface connected to the GBIF (Global Biodiversity Information Facility) metadata catalogue.










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